Clara Bo - "The It Destination"

Steak, Seafood and an Experience You Won’t Soon Forget

The memory of your Clara Bo experience will stay with you long after your meal has ended and you’ve delighted in the area’s newest, most unique dining and drinking establishment. Décor and atmosphere inspired by jazz-era Clara Bow, a beautiful, charismatic silent film star, transports you to another time and place – a great way to celebrate a special occasion or share an intimate evening with good friends.

To top off your dining experience, Clara Bo uses only the freshest and finest meats and seafood. All delivered daily and fashioned into an exclusive, delicious assortment of appetizers, entrees and desserts. We even help you pair your meal with the perfect wine from Gatsby Wine Bar, located in the beautifully renovated cellar of this fascinating new restaurant.

The Mysterious Clara Bow - "The It Girl"

Clara Gordon Bow was born July 29, 1905 in a run-down tenement in Brooklyn, New York. In search of a better life, 16-year-old Bow entered a national photo beauty contest, beating out girls from all over the nation. Even as a teenager, the judges found her to be irresistible, and so, as they say, a star was born.

The 1920s was a decade marked by bootlegging, Jazz music and shifting American ideals, and Bow was its poster girl. With her bright red lips, short hair and even shorter dresses, Bow was Hollywood’s first sex symbol, a true embodiment of the Roaring Twenties.

Bow went on to appear in more than 50 feature films over the course of her short career, but it was her role in the 1927 movie "It" that skyrocketed her to fame and earned her the nickname “The It Girl.” Bow’s magnetism on screen and scandalous personal life off screen made her, for a time, the most desirable woman in America.

At the peak of her career, Bow received over 45,000 fan letters each month, but her popularity quickly waned with the advent of sound in film. The actress’s thick Brooklyn accent did not appeal to her many devoted fans, She appeared in several talkies, then retired at the age of 28. Hollywood’s “It Girl” died of a heart attack in 1965 at the age of 60, seemingly forgotten by the public who so adored her. However, the vivacious girl who lit America on fire was and is simply unforgettable. So her legacy as the quintessential flapper of the 1920s lives on through her many films, and through restaurants such as this one.